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1 SETUP SYSTEM TIME AND DATE - The system time is very important for calculation of hour, shift, day and month data. Normally the time and date is automatically updated from Internet. The web interface unit also has battery backed Real Time Clock. In absence of Internet, the date is read from this clock. If you find that time and date shown here is not correct, then you can set the date and time. The date and time will written to internal Real Time Clock also. This will take few seconds. HH:MM:SS    
2 Time Zone - To know Time Zone of your country Click Here , copy and paste the correct name for your country. Time Zone   
3 WiFi Access Point Name -You can set the access point name of internal WiFi, if you have multiple Web Interface unit. This access point has very low coverage area and suitable for setting parameters. However it is fully functional for all operations. For Security reason, select DISABLED to stop WiFi access, but it is recommended to keep it on, for accessing Web Interface Unit in emergency. Set AP Name
4 Setup Ethernet - Set LAN details for the system. You will need Ethernet IP, and Ethernet Gateway and optionally Ethernet Mask. If you change these setting, you must reboot the system, for these setting to take effect. If your LAN has DHCP server, these details will set automatically. Ignore this if your internet is working and getting mails. IP Address  
Net Mask   
5 Setup Gmail or Hotmail / Outlook account for sending mails. - The system need a GMAIL or Hotmail / Outlook account for sending the mails. If do not have a GMAIL or Hotmail / Outlook account, you will have to create new account. Please provide user name and password here. Please ensure that this POP / SMTP server for this account is enabled, else you will not get mails.
Account Name Password   
6 Change System password - You can change the admin password for set up and also user password. If the user password is left blank, old password will be retained. If you forget system password, please refer instruction manual for password recovery.Old Password New Password User password
7 Set RF Channel for Sensor - The sensors communicate with Web Interface Unit by Wireless. The wireless system needs a fixed channel for communication. There are 8 channels available, you need to select channel as per your sensor number. The channel number is second digit (from left) of sensor number. Once the channel is set and Sensors are added, you can not change the channel number. If you want to change the channel number you will have to delete all the data as given below item 9 RF Channel 
8 Restore Data - System Restore will bring the system to original state. You must use only backup file created here on this system.
9 Delete all data from system. - You can delete all data and reset the system to factory reset. This will delete complete data so use with care. To safe guard accidental erase, you will also need a password. If you do not know password, refer manual.Factory Password  
10 Send Diagnostic Mail. - Incase your system does not work properly or you wish to examine your system by us, you can emails us all system data. Please enter our email address in box and click Diagnostic Mail. Please be warned that this mail will include all settings, user name / password for gmail account, and all old reports.
11 Reboot Web Interface Unit. - Please do not switch off power to the Web Interface unit. It may result in data loss. If you want to restart the Web Interface Unit, use Reboot button here.
12 Shutdown the Web Interface Unit. - Please do not switch off power to the Web Interface unit. It may result in data loss. If you want shutdown the Web Interface Unit, use Shutdown button. If you Shut Down the unit, then you will have to restart the power supply if you want to restart.