Setup Menu.

To access following menu admin password is required.
1 Enter sensor serial number and other data. You can edit an existing sensor also. Sensor Setup.
2 Enter purchase order number. You can edit an existing order also. Order Setup.
3 Enter Operator code. You can edit an existing operator also. Operator Setup.
4 Create Backup file. You can back up all the data. This data can be restore if system fails. Backup System data.
5 Setup configuration parameters like email, shift timing, reports etc.. Configuration.
6 System menu for ethrenet setup, local time, time zone, system backup and restore. System Setup.
7 You can rename the key words in reports. Rename Keywords.
To access following menu operator password is required.
8 Assign an order to machine. Also set target production and batch size. Order to machine.
9 Assign an operator to machine for all the shift of the day. Operator to Machine.
10 Manage order and batch production. Order and Batch.

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