Beta Computronics Pvt. Ltd.
Welcome to Beta Computronics

We are providing total solutions in the field of hardware and software to various industrial sectors for last 21 years. The services include identification of customer problem to implementation of necessary hard ware and software.

Our range of products includes Magnetic Sensor and Bobbin Sensor, Loom Controller Monitor, PLC Cards for Circular looms, Electronic winder AC Drive card and Analog Sensor, Corona Treater for plastic industry, High voltage and high frequency power supply for Ozone Generators, etc.

In IT sector, we have specialized in embedded system development. Our developments are based on 8 bit 8051, PIC to 32 Bit ARM processor. We have all the necessary tools like compilers, development board for development of simple to complicated embedded system. The ARM based products include 100MBPS serial to Ethernet, Multilingual Loom Controller, Audio Book Reader and Recorder for visually impaired people, etc.

Introducing new generation systems :
  * PMS: Production Monitoring System: Monitoring of Production, Orders, Machine, Utility & Energy
  * Customized PLC Cards for OEM applications
  * Wireless I/O Systems for Customized Analog, Digital I/O Applications